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Latency issue in 3500 switch

There are 4 VLAN's . switching comprises of CISCO 4006 cataylst with supervisor engine II as CORE switch , twelve cisco catalyst 3500 series XL( in one building ) and seven 3550 series catalyst as edge switches The backbone connectivity of all switches is through fibre optics .There are 4 VLANS in use ( grouping is based on IP range )

When we ping from one of the PC in any of the VLAN to the switches we are getting a time delay of more than 40ms

The following is the result which I got for a continuous ping at one of the edge switches at XYZ building ( 3500 XL)

Following is the :CPU utilization of the core switch :-

CPU utilization for five seconds: 18.75%

one minute: 19.00%

five minutes: 19.00%

We would like to get clarified on the following points

Is this latency acceptable, if yes then can we get supporting documents regarding it.

Thanks in advance


Re: Latency issue in 3500 switch

First don't use switch or router addresses as ping points , these put low priority on ping response and will "always" be slower than you think it ahould be . always ping thru the device such as pc to pc or pc to server etc .... Just make sure you aren't seeing errors on your uplinks or pc ports , look things such as duplex mismatches etc..... The cpu utilization on the 4006 is normal they all run in that area even with nothing attached to them .

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