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Layer 3 command

whats the command in a layer 3 switch to shift from router to switch function and vice versa?

In a VTP, if server is the default settings, is VTP working even though no client was configured?


Re: Layer 3 command


by using "no switchport" command you convert the layer2 port in to the layer3 port... as well as "ip routing" command enable the routing on layer3 swithc...

you can fire the command "switchport" on perticular interface which convert the layer3 interface into the layer2 interface...

yes VTP server will work... but if you have network of multiple switch then you will not have consistancy of vlan information if all switches are in the its much better to consider the designissue also...

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Re: Layer 3 command

this depends on your switch model.

can you provide the exact switch type/model.

ie: catalyst 6513 with MSFC or catalyst 3550 with EMI image.

how you get from L2 to L3 and viceVersa in a switch depends on what type of switch it is.

example: one way to do this on a catalyst 6509 running CatOS is you use the 'session' command from the switch level to access the MSFC blade.

(or telnet to it if the connectivity is available)

if VTP server is enabled, then YES, VTP is operational, even if there are no VTP clients.

VTP must be operational to be able to define VLANs so if you have more than the default VLAN1, then you do have at least one VTP Server or VTP Transparent.

please see the following link for more VTP info:

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