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Layer 3 Routing on Catalyst 4006 switches


I have two catalyst 4006 switches with Sup2 and Layer 3 module in each switch.

I have configured the following vlans on two switches as follows.

Switch 1:

Vlan 1:

Vlan 2:

Vlan 3:

Switch 2:

Vlan 4:

Vlan 5:

Vlan 6:

Both switch 1 and switch 2 are connected on the gigabit uplink ports on sup2 engine. We have enabled trunking on these ports to carry vlans.

We have enabled layer 3 routing on both the switches(port channel configuration has been enabled on both switches).

Vlan 1, 2 and 3 users can talk between vlans, Vlan 4,5 and 6 users can talk between vlans.

For example vlan 4(sw 2) and vlan 2(sw 1) users cannot talk to each other. Should we configure a native vlan 1 on both the switches and enable Layer 3 on both the switches with same port-channel ip address to enable vlan 4 to talk to vlan 2.

Pls let me know how to proceed.



Cisco Employee

Re: Layer 3 Routing on Catalyst 4006 switches

You need to configure a routing protocol between the 2 switches to exchange the routing information. In addition, the routers must at least have one common subnet.

New Member

Re: Layer 3 Routing on Catalyst 4006 switches

You could also configure all 6 VLANs on each switch, and use HSRP to provide redundancy. You could still adjust the priority on the two switches so that each switch is responsible for 3 vlans.

With this config, if you lose one of your Layer 3 blades, the other switch will pick up the load.

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