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layer 4 switch


If I deploy network with layer 4 switches would I need a router?

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Re: layer 4 switch

i would say it depends on what conectivity you want. Any WAN access requirements will probably need a router with WAN modules, but other than that, we have a number of sites with just multi layer switches performing all routing.

also worth considering the image on the switches and whether you want the advanced routing features.

hope helps

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Re: layer 4 switch

...but without the router how can I configure subnets? does the switch has the same capabilities?

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Re: layer 4 switch

Pretty much the multi layer switch acts the same as a router would, just you need to create logical interfaces for it to route between....

configure vlans on the switches and treat each vlan as a subnet. assign the ports to the correct vlan for the pc. For the vlans you want to be able to route between, create a logical vlan interface (int vlan 2 etc) on the switch/switches that you wish to act as routers and assign that interface an ip address in that subnet. turn on 'ip routing' on the switch/switches and they will now route as needed. set the defualt gateways for each subnet as the respective vlan interface on the switch/switches.

set up HSRP, EIGRP etc as you would on any router.

hope this helps

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