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LB OSPF w/ multiple links on separate routers

We currently have multiple facilities connected back to HQ across two frame hub&spoke networks, one through carrier A and one through carrier B. Each frame network has it's own routing infrastrucutre, connected only through the local ethernet interface.

I want to load balance across these links. Weighting the routes in OSPF seems like the way to go but without another routing layer at each facility I don't know if the routers will share the routes properly.

So if I configure one router to be the HSRP PREMPT primary router and lower the cost on the link on the second router, will the primary recieve the second route while it has a directly connected route to the same network?

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Re: LB OSPF w/ multiple links on separate routers

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Re: LB OSPF w/ multiple links on separate routers

I have simillar problem and I have an idea to fix that without makeing multiple HSRP groups and two default gateways in LAN. see my post

The idea is to let both routers in HRPS group think it has two parallel link by using GRE tunnels. On tunnel interfaces delay and bandwidth should be configured to be the same as on real physical link and then load balancing should occure automatic.

But I am not sure what kinds of problems I will get with configuration using tunnels, especialy if traffic will be balanced per packed - one through real link, one through tunnel.


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