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LCP failure during ppp between 3640 & Win2K Server

We are attempting to set-up a 3640 router to do both incoming and outgoing calls to Win2K servers. We are using a PRI at the 3640 and a multitech 28,800 modem at the server.

Communication including MS-Chap works fine from the server to the router. However, when the router dials the server the connection fails during LCP in the PPP set-up. The router sends LCP CONFREQ but receives none back from the server. The set-up times out after 20-seconds and the line is disconnected.

Two things we are considering is a speed issue, which we have been unable to resolve and possibly ppp ACCM. When the server calls into the router it uses ACCM during the LCP negotiations. However, the router goes directly to AuthProto MS-CHAP.

Any ideas???

Cisco Employee

Re: LCP failure during ppp between 3640 & Win2K Server

We need to take a look at debug for callin to router and during called back by router. Here is the best url for ms-callbck between router and a windows PC.

Default value for ACCM (Asynchronous Control Character Map )is 0x000a0000 at router so you should see that in LCPREQ from router to client.

You can configure that as well under the interface using

ppp accm in (or out)

Here is the url for more on that command

Pl. post the following debug to see any other possible issues, for dialin and callback

debug modem csm

debug modem

debug chat

debug ppp nego

debug ppp authentication

debug aaa authorization

debug callback

debug ppp cbcp

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