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Learning the Cisco 3600 Router

I have 4 Cisco 3600 Routers that I want to learn more about.

I have a small hospital with two campuses and these routers were configured and installed by our parent company. We are being sold from the parent company and will no longer have the support from our parent company. I know I will need to reconfigure these routers for our use in the near future.

I'm not interested in doing a CCNA or any other type of Cisco certs right now. I'd like to attend a 1 day seminar(if affordable) on how to configure these routers for my use. I know I have the option of using a reseller or some other network design company to do this but I'm interested in learning this for my self.

Any suggestions or direction on this would be helpful.


Re: Learning the Cisco 3600 Router

There's hardware documentation ( and software documentation (

But your best bet is probably some type of crash course or CCNA level books -- even if you're not interested in getting the cert, CCNA literature is good "introduction to configuring Cisco devices" type of stuff. You can also contract training facilities in your area to see what introductory level courses are available.

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Re: Learning the Cisco 3600 Router

Another option is to download the Cisco ConfigMaker evaluation version. You can play around with various configurations / interconnections, and see what sample configuration it gives you. If you have questions about what a particular command does, post your questions on a discussion board like this one.

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