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Leased line mode with NM-16 in 2600 series

Problem with the NM-16 module in 2600 series. The leased line mode does not function neither in case the conversation is between adjacent slots ont the same module, nor against another LL capable modem. I applied the sample config found on the cisco site, which was quite simple, nevertheless - non working ! In all different possible configurations (with or without external aditional modem and all possible pairs originate -answering) the result was the same - the debug of the modem shows that the synchronisation between the modems advances to the point "WAITNG FOR CARRIER" - the same for both originating an answering an at this point stops until the timer expires and another try is made. I supose that the key to the solution is in the AT string, i tried different modemcaps with different templates (the microcom variants) and additional AT commands, but it's obviously not that simple.

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Re: Leased line mode with NM-16 in 2600 series

Here is the best url to troubleshoot that issue

If the modem state is not going to "CONNECTED", there must be some issues with line.

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Re: Leased line mode with NM-16 in 2600 series

I have used the same source for configuration - it doesn't function.

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