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Leaving Bridge group msg

On My cat4k Sup-2 box, every now and then I see the message, Port so-and-so leaviong bridge group, then port so-and-so joining bridge group. Is this normal?



Re: Leaving Bridge group msg

Do you mean like this:

%PAGP-5-PORTFROMSTP:Port 3/3 left bridge port 3/3 %PAGP-5-PORTTOSTP:Port 3/3 joined bridge port 3/3

If someone reboots a PC/server/printer it will show that message. Means the switch first lost link on port 3/3 (removing the port from the STP), and then again detected link on the port. Totally normal.

If you see these messages frequently for a particular port, the link is flapping (losing and regaining link constantly), and you should investigate the cause (eg speed/duplex mismatch, bad cable/NIC/port, other misconfiguration).

Hope it helps.


Cisco Employee

Re: Leaving Bridge group msg

To add to Steve's comments, the following page is a good source for troubehooting out of Spec NIC issues

New Member

Re: Leaving Bridge group msg

Thanks guys.....that was it.

Re: Leaving Bridge group msg

This is normal. This usually happens when a system connected to a port on the switch is either powering off (leaving the bridge group ) or rebooting (joining the bridge group ). The message is a notification message only, unless the system was not meant to be disconnected it would then required to look into it.

For future reference it is good to note the levels of system messaging, here is a link for reference.

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