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Limit bandwidth with QoS

Hi all, i don't really have much experience with QoS but i'll explain what i want to realize. For a little lan party we want to give limited internet access to all the users. So there will be a wan link on a 2600 router (maybe 3745 if possible). With an ACL we can limit it to some surfing and maybe some mailchecking but that isn't really the problem. We want to grant for example 100kb/sec to each user. I suppose we have to use QoS for that but i don't really know how to start with that, and what kind of queueing to use. Anyone who has an idea how to deal with this issue? Thanks in advance, Tom.


Re: Limit bandwidth with QoS

Ok assume you have x MB of traffic on the link

class-map LAN

match using an ACL

policy map LAN

class LAN

bandwidth 70%

This will give ur users 70% of the link bandwidth(this is CBWFQ) or u can say Prioirty . This will give you LLQ.

Hope this helps for a start

New Member

Re: Limit bandwidth with QoS

Hi Tom!

Try this also...COmmitted Access Rate (CAR). You can limit your input or output transmission rate of your interface. Using this type of qos, you can still use access list to classify all users. With or without congestion, your bandwidth are fixed based on your matching of your criteria..

for more info... link:



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