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Limiting simultaneous login

I want to limit simultaneous dialup login for a specfic user using local authentication using below config:

aaa authorization network default local

username test user-maxlinks 1 password test

For the first dialup attempt(A), the user test can connect. While connection A remains connected, I initiate the second attempt(B). B fails. Seems that connections can be limited to 1. But after connection A is disconnected and tries to connect again, it fails. If I try one more time, it succeeds. The symptom is that 1st attempt succeeds, 2nd fails, 3rd succeeds and so on.

Does anyone know how to limit simultaneous login using local authentication?

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Re: Limiting simultaneous login

The command username test user-maxlinks 1 password test may not be the part of problem for 3rd call didn't succeed. We need to know where and when the call fails using debug for 3rd time dialin when there are no calls connected (1st call disconnected all togather) from the same user.

Also need to know what kind of lines, modems, signalling and platform of the router.

Assuming you have modem calls coming in, we need

debug modem

debug modem csm

debug ppp nego

debug ppp auth

debug aaa authorization

debug dialer

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