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Link between switches in a different VTP domain

Hi Netprofs,

I'm trying to esablish a (100baseT) link between a Catalyst 2924XL-EN and a 3548XL-EN switch, with each belong to a different VTP domain (the edge between two managed networks).

Note: I'm not trying to make a ISL/DOT1Q TRUNK (this would require the same VTP domain and password on both sides) but I'm just making a connection between a single vlan port i.e. connection on the same IP subnet.

The port that is used for that link is conf'd as a "switchport access vlan 1" on the 2924 switch.

On the other side, the 3548, the link port is conf'd on a different Vlan ID "switchport access vlan 108" - but since the Vlans on both sides are totally unrelated this shouln't matter imho.

Even though, the link doesn't come up unless I configure the ports to an equal Vlan ID on both sides. This is not what I had in mind since I need access to Vlan 1 on that cloud.

Switches are running 12.0(5)WC5 (Enterprise edition)

Any help would be appreciated,


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Re: Link between switches in a different VTP domain


must have overlooked something the first time....

I've just built a similar test-setup and it worked right away, with ports in different Vlans on both sides of the link.

Then I reconfigured the "live" network to the same setup and it also worked right away.

Sorry for bothering you.


Re: Link between switches in a different VTP domain

The line will work fine but you'll get a bothering messages into the syslog saying there are different VLAN IDs on the line ends. To prevent this you need to disable CDP on the line (I don't know any better solution).



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