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Link through VSAT


I have a problem on my VSAT link. Here is the description of my network.

We have a VAST antenna with a receiver. The receiver is composed by a Modem Paradis P300 and by a propertary Broadband receiver named Janux. The Janux is used for the downlink and the modem P300 for the uplink.

The serial port of my router is connect to the serial of the modem P300 and the fastEthernet port of my router is connected to the Janux.

The ping is OK between my router and the receiver equipements but i can not get out through the VSAT.

The antenna is built by TAIDE.

Does anyone has implemented this system and if yes can you help me to solve my problem.

Thank for your helps.


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Re: Link through VSAT


are you using the P300 VSAT modem ? Do you have connectivity over the satellite link at all ?



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Re: Link through VSAT

Yes, i use P300 modem for the VSAT. And i use receiver Linux system like downlink gateway.

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Re: Link through VSAT


Did u try to do an IF loopback on ur P300 to check if the serial interface is "up up (looped)"?

Is the interface of ur P300 compilant with the cisco's cable (RS449, V35, G703 ...) ?


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Re: Link through VSAT

Your modem more than likely does not exchange control signals with the router. You are going to have to short the following pins on your serial connection to the modem:

For DB-37 (RS-449 cable) connector:

Pins 7 and 9

Pins 11, 12, and 13

Pins 25 and 26

Pins 29, 30, and 31

For DB-25 (RS-530 cable) connector:

Pins 4 and 5

Pins 6, 8, and 20

Pins 13 and 19

Pins 10, 22, and 23

Once you have accomplished this, perform an IF or baseband loop at the modem. Your router interface should show "up, up (looped)".

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Re: Link through VSAT

n the serial interface of my router, i have the link up and the protocol is up.

But i can not ping the provider router which is outside the modem.

Thx for your helps.

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