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LMS 2.2 Update 1

Hi all,

We are running LMS 2.2 on Windows 2000 Server SP3. The above update (Update 1) introduces support for Windows SP4.

However, I cannot seem to find in which order I should install. That is, should I install SP4 then Update 1? Or the other way around?

I also vaguely remember that installing a different service pack requires reinstallation of the Common Services component. Does this still hold?

Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Re: LMS 2.2 Update 1

You can install SP4 first and then Update 1. As long as you follow the README file for Update 1 and have met the prerequisites listed on page 15, there should not be any problems.

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Re: LMS 2.2 Update 1

We decided to delay installation of SP4 since we had SP3 installed and patched appropriately already. We had not obtained a list of patches appropriate for SP4 from the server team.

We have now installed Update 1, along with further updates (to 6.0) of RME and Campus. If we now decide to install SP4, do we need to reinstall anything (eg. CD-one, patches, updates, etc.)?

Just as an aside, we have updated RME to the latest possible package, and yet still RME does not recognise the 6500 MSFC3 on Sup720 (it has a 'SNMP' icon next to it rather than a router and the Config Archive says it is not supported). Why is this so when the readme for the RME updates say it is supported and we have the minimum IOS/CatOS software (it is in hybrid mode)? Campus and ANI and CiscoView support it.

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