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Load balancing between two leased lines


We have two leased lines to our branch office, each 128 K. Currently, we are using primary link as active and secondary link as Redundant. In case of primary link is down, we need to change the static Routes manually pointing to secondary link. Can we do the Load balancing between two links and when Primary goes down, secondary link should take over automaticcaly for all operations. When the primary link comes back, both the links should do Load balancing. FYI, both the links are terminating in two different Routers and Router model is : 1700 series and we are using EIGRP as Routing Protocol.


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Re: Load balancing between two leased lines


you have two choices as far as I can see. If you want to use static routing over the WAN to your branch, you could duplicate your static routes to the branch and point them to the secondary router. You will have two identical sets of static routes in the primary router, one set pointing to the WAN interface and the other one pointing to the secondary router.

ip route x.x.x.x "WAN-interface"

ip route x.x.x.x "secondary router"

ip route y.y.y.y "WAN-interface"

ip route y.y.y.y "secondary router"


As a result the primary router will have two routes to the branch and will load-balance. If one next-hop fails (either the WAN interface or the secondary router), only the other will be used. If the next-hop comes back up, load-balancing will resume.

The other choice would be to use EIGRP over the WAN, and make sure the two routers become EIGRP neighbors. Then you can use the "variance" command to achieve unequal cost load-balancing between the two routers. Let me know if you need more information about this, but i think static routes will be sufficient in your situation.

HTH, Thomas

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Re: Load balancing between two leased lines

Thanx Thomas. I'm just attaching a NW diagram of our setup which requires load balancing . This is very simple setup.Please give more details or Cisco link on how to use Variance command for doing loadbalancing with EIGRP routing protocol.

Re: Load balancing between two leased lines

Hi Raju

hope these links would help u out to get to have more info about load balancing in general as well as about the functional details of variance command being used in conjuntion with EIGRP..

with ref to the attached diagram i would suggest to look out something inline with GLBP or having multilple groups with HSRP which can give you both the reduandncy also load balancing between the links..


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