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Load Balancing Frame Relay...

Have four WAN locations using frame relay… site A has two T1s and B, C and D each have their own T1. What is the best way to configure the PVCs and CIRs so that B, C and D have equal load balanced connections to site A?

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Re: Load Balancing Frame Relay...


if I get you right, the sites B,C and D have all two PVCs and you wish to do load

balancing over the two PVCs.

In this case it depend on what CIR the two PVCs have. If they have the same CIR

you should have the same routing metric ( if you use EIGRP). Therefore the router

B,C and D should show up two routes for location A in their routing tables. If that is the case the router does a load balancing (session by session). That means one

FTP session over the one PVC and another FTP session over the other PVC. This

doesn't garantee an equal load balancing. Therefore you need to switch of

the ip route-cache on the serial interfaces. If you do so the router does a load

balancing (packet by packet).

If the CIRs of both PVCs are not equal you need to set the variance in the EIGRP

routing process.

regards Ulrich Marzoli


Re: Load Balancing Frame Relay...

this is what i think is your setup:

A--3Mbps === FR CLOUD == 1.5Mbps each for site B, C, D

If you want equal share for all 3 sites on the PVCs to A, then would set the CIR on the PVCs from B / C / D to A at about 1 Mbps each, that way the sum would be 3 Mbps and you would not overrun the site A access link. m

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