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Load balancing in OSPF infrastructure

Our company has deployed an OSPF infrastructure, partial mesh topology, with up to 10 areas, each having one ABR. Between ABRs there are links reported to the mention topology.

My question reffers to load balancing from one ABR to the central site by using different paths through the OSPF infrastructure.

How can we deploy the load balancing to use the multiple connections betwwen ABRs in order to connect the central site ?

Thanks very much for your advice and cooperation

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Re: Load balancing in OSPF infrastructure


Since you are using OSPF, it can only do equal load balancing unlike IGRP or EIGRP which support unequal laod balancing. Are all your links of same bandwidth. Then OSPF helps.

I think if a link to a particular site goes down, then you must consider having a redundant link to that site.


Praful Jaded

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Re: Load balancing in OSPF infrastructure

You can adjust your path cost with command "ip ospf cost x" to achieve the equal cost load balancing.

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Re: Load balancing in OSPF infrastructure

I agree with the answer where you can use "ip ospf cost" command to adjust the OSPF cost to obtain load balancing. In practive however I would not use load balance the path to the central site via the other ABR simply because for troubleshooting routing problems when things do go wrong. I would only adjust the OSPF cost if the ABR has dual (or more) links directly connected to the central site. Further more, assume that you're successful with load balancing via other ABRs, you might find that your applications might behave strangely because one packet might go one path and other packet might go on the other "load-balanced" path if you know what I mean.

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