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Load Balancing on ADSL + 2Mbps Leased line

I would like to know what are the alternatives I have for running both 512kbps ADSL (Cisco 1721) & 2Mbps Leased line (Cisco 2600) so as to fully utilise my WAN connection back to HQ. Cisco 2600 router is running OSPF and Cisco 1721 is running RIPv2. Currently, both routers are running HSRP.


Re: Load Balancing on ADSL + 2Mbps Leased line

I assume you are running HSRP because all of the hosts attach directly to these two routers at the remote site. If that's the case, then you might want to look at GLBP to load share between the two routers:

Or doing some sort of load sharing with multiple HSRP groups:

The path back is another issue, but I don't know enough about the core network to know how you would load share ont he way back. I'm assuming that the RIPv2 is being redistributed into OSPF on the other end, so you're going to have one internal, and one external route, which is going to mean the internal is always preferred. You could use redistribution on both sides, to force both to be externals, but then you'll also end up placing traffic on both links equally, which may not be a good thing.


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Re: Load Balancing on ADSL + 2Mbps Leased line

Thank you, Russ.

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