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Load Balancing Question

Hello All:

Is there anyway with the CISCO IOS to load balance T1's beside multilink.

We have 2 T1's and would like to say set s threshold whereby if traffic on 1 T hit 70%, all traffic in excess will route out 2nd T1.


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Re: Load Balancing Question


There is no way to specify that if the the traffic on one T1 hits 70% all excess traffic to pass over to the second T1. If you run any kind of routing protocol or configure it statically in such a way that both the T1's are installed in the routing then you can do load-balancing based on the switching mechanism configured. Sending you link from the CCO which talks about load-balancing. Hope it helps.

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Re: Load Balancing Question

Thanks - what I'm seeing is a circuit that we are just bringing up with traffic on it and I'm trying to understand where it is coming from.

Servers are configured with static NAT for T1-A and nothing configured yet for T1-B yet traffic is on the line.

Route statement is Ser0/1 (T1-A) Ser0/2 (T1-B)

The second statement itself will route traffic out through B but without any NAT/IP's configured for this T on the inside, I cannot see how this is happening.

Thanks again for the link.

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