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load balancing using BGP protocol

i have a customer that is connected to my network with four serial links , and we are running BGP with this customer.

how can i load balance on the four links ???


Re: load balancing using BGP protocol

Depends on how many routers are involved.

See link for details:

In the first example it has eigrp running between them, you most likely will use statics.

If it is like the second example, you can have 2 links to one router and two to the second and load balance on each via CEF or MLPPP.

You have many options.

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Re: load balancing using BGP protocol

Key to loadbalance .

U need at least two links between router for loadbalance .

Create BGP session between loopback interfaces and make sure they are reachable . either through IGP or Static routes . so try ping before you try to debug BGP problem . loopback should be pingable.

Make sure update-source will be loopback interfaces. and bgp-multihop should be configured for ebgp routers not directly connected to each other

I can post you teh config if u need more help let me know ur setup .

hope this make sense


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