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Load balancing

deal all,

i have two 2 mb link connected between my HO and BR. i do have two 2600 routers each side and they are connected to a central catalyst switch on both side. each link is connected to separate set of routers.

currently i am using only one link to route between the sites. how can i route some packets through second link. ihave been reading about cisco CEF, but there is no much configiguration details are there.

please some one five me the possible commands to achieve the simplest load balancing. all of them configured for static routes.




Re: Load balancing

Think you should terminate the two links on the same router to be able to achieve your load balancing, in the scenaio given


Re: Load balancing

There are multiple approaches you could use to provide load sharing, but you need to keep in mind that optimizing load sharing and optimizing availability tend to be incompatible. Generally speaking, given the three goals of load sharing, availability, and cost/complexity; you only get to choose two out of three.

As sagla states, the easiest way to provide load sharing is to terminate both links on the same routers and use either MLPPP or per-packet load sharing. But then you have the routers as single points of failure. Whether or not this is acceptable will depend upon your needs. With separate routers for each link, your generally limited to per destination load sharing, which again may or may not be acceptable depending upon your needs.

Good luck and have fun!

Vincent C Jones

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