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load balancing

i have 2fe2w card in my 3640 i want to do load balancing i have 2 lease lines coming in when they go to my switch which is in one /24 subnet i want them to load balance using the 2 ethernet ports i can give only one gateway is this possible by creating a loopback interface and then giving

ip unumberred loopback0 on both the ethernet interfaces :)

will this work???

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Re: load balancing

The only way that I am aware to do this is to configure half of your hosts with one gateway and the other half with a second gateway. This is a crude method of load-balancing. You could create a fault-tolerant design by implementing HSRP for both addresses as well.

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Re: load balancing

no that wont solve my problem right now i dont have spare routers to test it out too :(

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Re: load balancing

I assume that u want to distriute load on 2 lease line.

so what u can do is - keep one default gateway on client side i.e use only one ethernet port and create route-maps to distribute load on lease lines.

Now if u want to use both the ethernet ports then u can't keep both ethernet in same subnet , u have to have ip addresses on all interfaces in different subnets.Only way is use HSRP.

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