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Load sharing with eigrp in differente bandwith links

Hello Mrs,

I have EIGRP configured in my network running as IGP in this moment I have 4 STM1 between 2 sites A and B We are doing load balancing but we will received a STM4 and we have to do load balancing.

I have checked and we can do load sharing with the command variance and traffic shared balanced.

My doub is how can calculate the cost for STM4 and STM1?

I have done the calc as in OSPF but the valor is .6xxx for STM1 and .1xxx for STM4

Thanks for your help

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Re: Load sharing with eigrp in differente bandwith links

EIGRP uses a different formula than OSPF to determine the metrics of a link. For the most part, as long as the correct bandwidth statements are associated with the interfaces you should get the proper unequal cost load balancing across all the links.

Keep iin mind that by default only 4 paths will be used for the load balancing. If you wish to perform unequal cost load balancing across the 4 STM1s and the STM4 you will need to make an adjustment. The command is "maximum paths 5" in the EIGRP router configuration mode.

Hope this helps...regards.

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