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Loading System Image

We are trying to copy a IOS image from the TFTP server to the PCMCIA located on the slot1 using the following command:

Router# copy tftp slot1:

But the entire file is not copied into the Flash memory. The failure message "buffer overflow" and "session terminated from the router" appear on the TFTP server.

P.S1: There is space available on the slot1

P.S2: The Router 7507 has the minimum recommended memory to download image - 16 MB Flash and 64 MB RAM

P.S3: We´ve already changed the buffer sizes (small, middle, big, very big and boot buffersize). We noticed that the lenght of the file copied was larger.

P.S4: The network traffic is very low.

Does anyone has an idea of what is happenning?



Re: Loading System Image

The length of the file on flash should be exactly the same size as it is on CCO. If it is not, then it must have been corrupted in some way. If it is bigger, it may have been downloaded as an ASCI rather than a binary file. You need to download it again.

New Member

Re: Loading System Image

Thanks for the attention but we place the PCMCIA card on the slot 0 and it worked!

P.S1. The file had not been corrupted.

P.S2. It was not a confg problem. We changed the boot system to boot from the slot 0( it was from the slot 1 when the card was on the slot 1)

New Member

Re: Loading System Image

That was a good answer on the D/L the file again! Can you get us a directory listing on the flash also.

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