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Local Director and NFS

I have a LD 416 with Sw version 4.1.1 and I found that the NFS protocol doesn't work when installing the LocalDirector between two servers.

I found the bug number CSCdt05312, but I can't find the solution for this problem wich is similar to mine (I hope).

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Local Director and NFS

In theory, if you are using the LDIR as a bridging

device, it should work, e.g.

NFS Client - Interface 0 LDIR Interface 1 - NFS SRV

and you have 'no secure 0' and 'no secure 1'

If this is your setup and it still does not work,

my only suggestion is either trying LDIR 4.2.2 or

open a TAC case.

If this is not your setup, are you then using the

LDIR to load balance the NFS Clients to multiple

NFS servers?


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Re: Local Director and NFS

I'm using the LDir as a bridging and all other services are working fine.

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Re: Local Director and NFS

Johny is correct! LDIR should bridge anything that is not destined to the vip unless the secure is enabled. If secure is enabled the only traffic that will pass through the LDIR is the traffic destined for it. I would recommend you open up a case with the TAC.

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