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localdirector load balancing


we have a LocalDirector 416 with V 3.1.4. We want to perfom "on virtual server and multiple real servers". The configuration is:

localdirector# sh conf

: Saved

: LocalDirector 416 Version 3.1.4

syslog output 20.3

no syslog console

hostname localdirector

no shutdown ethernet 0

no shutdown ethernet 1

no shutdown ethernet 2

interface ethernet 0 auto

interface ethernet 1 auto

interface ethernet 2 auto

mtu 0 1500

mtu 1 1500

mtu 2 1500

multiring all

no secure 0

no secure 1

no secure 2

ping-allow 0

ping-allow 1

ping-allow 2

ip address

route 1

no rip passive

rip version 1

failover ip address

no failover


snmp-server enable traps

no snmp-server contact

no snmp-server location

virtual is

predictor roundrobin

real is

real is

name gred01

name ras



We can ping the virtual ip, but when we make "telnet virtual_ip", the connections with the real servers doesn´t establish.

With the command "show real" we see that it has a connection open with one of the real servers, but the telnet doesn´t work. The message is:



telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

Thanks you.


Re: localdirector load balancing

I think the local director itself will respond to the ping if it has connectivity to atleast one of the real servers. But, when you use telnet, there will be a separate TCP connection betweeen the client and LD, and between the LD and real server. So if the real servers do not accept TCP connection for some reason, this might fail. Probably, you can try ping and telnet to the real servers directly and see what is happening. If that does not work, then the problem may not be with LD. You can also check whether there are any filters like access-lists between the source and destination that blocks telnet.

Re: localdirector load balancing

Thank you for your answer, but it's not the situation.

I can make telnet to real servers directly from the clients.

One of the real servers is a router, and I have made a "debug ip tcp packets" and I can see a packet with the ip address of the client trying to establish a connections to the router on port 23, but the connections is closed, I don't know why.

ip client:


ip_real_server: (it's the router)

debug ip tcp packet:

tcp0: R SYNRCVD seq 2292460683

OPTS 4 ACK 694291197 SYN WIN 4128

tcp0: I SYNRCVD seq 694291197


And with 'debug ip transactions"

TCP0: state was LISTEN -> SYNRCVD [23 ->]

TCP0: Connection to, received MSS 1460, MSS is 516

TCP: sending SYN, seq 2544725774, ack 694543400

TCP0: Connection to, advertising MSS 556

CP0: RST received, Closing connection

TCP0: state was SYNRCVD -> CLOSED [23 ->]

tcp0: T CLOSED early close

TCB 0x80F08920 destroyed



New Member

Re: localdirector load balancing

Do you have any alternate path that will bypass the LD? All the traffic between client to real server have to pass through the LD, even after the session is established client and real server.

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