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Login issue with C2950

I had configured a cisco 2950 switch with tacacs+ and it gave me some login errors. I erased the tacacs config from the startup and running config. Yet the switch does not let me log in via console. I have checked the running config and the startup config and there is no login security configuration other than local username and enable password. No password on vty or con 0 lines.

Please advise.

Thank you,



Re: Login issue with C2950

Hi Sidesh,

If you have taken out all security commands of tacacs and no passwords on console and vty then can you reload the box once and try it again.

Also what exact login error message you are getting when you try to access the box via console?



Re: Login issue with C2950

Hi Sidesh,

Did u do the " no aaa " on the global configuration mode.

Well now to login the only way you have is to follow the process :

1.Press the mode button with console connected.

2.It will take you to "switch:", the rommon prompt.

3.Change the config file name to some bogus name using command" rename flash:config.text flash:

4.Boot the switch manually using command " Boot ".

5.The switch should come up fine with the defualt config.

Now you can take backup of the old config file, check it or if you want send it to us here, make the necessary changes and put the config back on the switch. You will be all set to go.

Please write if you have any queries.

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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