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Looking for a server farm switch


I am looking for a fast switch that connects about 50+servers with Gig and Fast ethernet connections. I do a lot of backup between servers. I am looking at 6509 and 4507. I know a 6509 switch has 32 G backplane and upgradable to 256G. A 4507 has a 64 G none upgradable backplane. The CPU on a Sup 4 of a 4507 is 400 MHZ. Is a 4507 box faster for my applcations?

I really appreciate for any thoughts or recommendations.

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Re: Looking for a server farm switch

I would be careful with the 'advertised' backplane of the 4507. When the first installment of this box, the 4006, came out it also had an 'advertised' backplane of 64Gb. But, the way the ASICs were set up, the best throughput you could get through the box was 4 Gb. I have not seen this as an issue with the 6500s. Cisco may have fixed the problems with the 4500, but I would look into this further if you want to push that much data.


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Re: Looking for a server farm switch

Not really fair for me to comment on the 4507 specifically, but I can offer you some feedback on the merits of the 6500 line.

For our Server pool we implemented two 6513's redundantly connecting about 150+ servers in our core. More than half our servers are redundantly connected to these over GigE copper. The balance are redundantly connected over F/E-100. Typically we only use fiber GigE connections for the redundant HSRP floor chassis uplinks to our Distribution switches and for redundant switch interconnects. We mutiply define our server pool VLANs, ie. define them across both server pool switches. We then redundantly connect most servers to both by means Compaq NIC ALB (adapter load balancing). Server ALB connections are hardware level pooled, technically connected to the same VLAN on both chassis. We could lose and entire server pool switch and our server pool would still be up on the other. Btw - we do have the fabric enabled 256 Gb backplane. Our Distribution layers switches for the floor aggregate are also redundant.

Love the 6500 line and the reliability & performance they provide. Very nice equipment!

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