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Looking for the right gear for this job

I'm looking to provide network connectivity for a couple of clients - a hotel, an appartment high rise, and a music studio. All clients have common criteria:

a. Require fault tolerance/failover on multiple WAN connections

b. Require load balancing on live WAN connections during non-failure conditions

c. LAN-side nodes should all get to gateway but have privacy from each other (probably VLAN at switch but interested in other ideas)

d. LAN-side nodes should have Mac-based access or denial to gateway (plan to put something in place to take a credit card or similar - also wish to thwart unauthorized access)

e. LAN-side nodes, after being authorized, should have their overall bandwidth throttled to some preconfigured fraction of the total pipe.

I have a good deal of experience in SOHO market with low end, non-Cisco solutions. I am finding that my clients are creeping "upwards" in complexity and scale. I am interested in becoming as conversant with Cisco gear as I am with various other vendors. If this forum is the best place to get answers on scenarios, great. If there are other resources, please tip me off.

Regarding this particular configuration, I am interested in any and all thoughts, particularly regarding the router/gateway device(s) that would meet my criteria.




Re: Looking for the right gear for this job

I think the best thing for you is to get in touch with a Cisco Sales representative, as they have the answers to any questions you have over equipment and design issues. You can go to the cisco website and do a search for "product catalog" this may help you as well.

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