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Loosing Connected Routes

I am having a problem with a CISCO 2600 and it`s ethernet. I had configured it`s ip address and routing protocol with sucess. When I use the command "no shut" the interface comes up ok.... and the routes are placed on the routing table normally. But for some reason after a while the connected routes disappear! Can some one help me?

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Re: Loosing Connected Routes

Does the router route once the interfaces go up before the route dissapear ?

Does the connected interfaces go down ?

Does the router still route without routes ?

Are you sure the routes are not aggregated/summarised by other routes ?

What route protocol do you use ?

Which IOS ?

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Re: Loosing Connected Routes

Ok...I am loosing the connectec routes on the ethernet interface. First, the router CISCO 2600, IOS (12.0) is working fine and using EIGRP. Eventhough, I am losing these connected routes, the other routes are OK, and the interface is still up. I know the router is still routing and the routes are not summarised.

router#show ip route c , stop showing the routes and router#show ip route don't show the subnetwork configured on the ethernet interface.

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