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Loosing Route to Remote Client

I have more details in relation to a prior problem I posted that nobody responded to (below). Hopefully these new details will help to diagnose my problem.

The 2509-RJ Access Server is dropping the route to the Remote Client exactly 2 minutes after the Windows Dial-Up Networking client connects and the route to it is added. Once again if someone could help me discover what is causing this I would appreciate it.



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Can't maintain TCP/IP communications with Windows Dial-Up Networking client

I am setting up a Cisco 2509-RJ to provide Dial-In access for Remote Windows Dial-Up Networking Clients. So far the client can connect, authenticate retrieve a DHCP IP address, DNS, and WINS settings, and even utilize TCP/IP network resources for almost exactly 2 minutes. However once those two minutes are up all TCP/IP communications fail. The modem remains connected and the client still registers sending and recieving bytes with the Access Server until I force it to disconnect.

I haven't discovered any timeout settings on my client or server that are set at 2 minutes. If anyone has an idea as to what might be causing this I would appreciate some guidance.

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Re: Loosing Route to Remote Client

One of two things: you have a genuine bug for the TAC to help out with or there is something in your config that maybe somebody could recognize. Can you cut and paste your running config?

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