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Loosing Telnet connectivity


Users at one of my branch locations are trying to reach an AIX box kept at my datacenter.They access the box by doing a Telnet to the AIX box IP address.

Recently there has been some changes in the network and so the users are taking a different path to reach the box. Earlier the Telnet session once opened never used o get timed out even if its left idle for hrs and days..but now they are complaining that they are loosing the Telnet connectivity many times ..Is there anything which i can do at the network layer to resolve this issue?? I mean can i do any fine tuning for the Telnet traffic or some thing of that sort..

Thanks in advance,

Jimmy Joseph

New Member

Re: Loosing Telnet connectivity

When you say that the users are taking a different path to the AIX server, it tells me that you changed an ip address or route somewhere. If this is the case, it would also be useful to determine if it is all users or only some. Either way, it sounds like a routing issue of some kind. Try doing a traceroute to the box from a workstation and also have a look at the routing table on the AIX server (netstat -r) to verify that it has a route back to the originating network. If it doesn't, then you need to look at the default gateway for the AIX machine to try and determine the source of the routing problem. Also, just to be safe, verify that no changes were made in the AIX server to timeout users after an idle period.

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