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Losing Internet connection

We recently installed a 2621 router as our backbone router to the Internet. Since the install we have been losing our connection to the Internet and after resetting the router the connection comes back up. We used cisco config maker to set it up and for some reason it put a bunch of access lists into the config. We are using NAT, but why would it put access lists in automatically? Any reason for the Internet to be blocked and come back up on restart?



Re: Losing Internet connection

What kind of pipe do you have to the net? This can make a big difference in the possible cause of your problem. Meanwhile, try these things individually to see if it will fix you next time you drop. If one of them does the trick, and you can tell me what you are using to get to the outside world, we can probably resolve this. Anyway.....

#clear ip nat trans *

#clear arp


(config-if)#no shut

If none of those work, then power cycle or reload the router. Also, what kind on access lists did config maker put on. I don't see how it would be causing sporadic interruption of your internet connection, but I am curious as to what Cisco config maker thinks is best for your network.

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