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Lost boot files in a 3524XL

How can I get and install the need files so this switch will boot to a operating status? Currently it says SWITCH: and that's it. I have re-initialized it and when I dir the flash: directory there is only the config.text file there.

I also signed up at CISCO and attempted to download the IOS 12.0 but the web site just won't allow me to.

Can anyone help this newbie?

Cisco Employee

Re: Lost boot files in a 3524XL


This doc explains how to recover a 3500xl switch from a missing software image.

If there is no image in flash, then you'll have to download one from the website. In order to have access to the software, you'll need to have a support contract associated with your CCO login.



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Re: Lost boot files in a 3524XL

Your link helped me transfer a bin file from another 3524 switch. Thanks!! It's a shame that the older IOS are not available for those of us who purchased used gear. The cost of the switch vs the cost of their support services I expect aren't reasonable. I'll see if someone at work can share a IOS CD or download what is needed.

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Re: Lost boot files in a 3524XL

Of course you do not want to be saying such things in public. What you are considering is illegal.

If it is for work, then you really should have backed up the IOS prior. If it is for study, I think cisco is a bit more understanding of installing non-purchased ios's...but I wouldn't quote me on that, just the rumour.

I have used other IOS's on my gear for home study, but for work and for consulting I insist on licensed software always. It is best to get in that habit, and to be professional in that respect. You remove legal dangers to yourself and to whomever you are working for that way.

Yes, the images are expensive, but we're talking about a device that stays up non-stop, can withstand monumental stresses without failure, and has a great deal of R&D and time invested in it. Like pharaceuticals, the first pill costs a million, the rest are only a dime. You're paying for their programmers to give you a well tested, powerful, and complex application...don't chintz them for that.

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Re: Lost boot files in a 3524XL

You make a valid point. If I were using this for commercial I would agree to a point. Maybe this is where I disagree around the original IOS. If through my own ignorance I lost the original IOS that was purchased with the switch and only wished to place that version back on it I do not see the issue. That would be like saying that once you install a IOS you could no longer re-install it on the same equipment even though you purchased it for that piece of equipment.

Oh well many lawyers messed these things up to protect he riches of others so I have no right to say otherwise. Well at least without many other lawyers to say it for me!

This was just for my home lab that I support so I can get better at the basics... Besides I found another way around it and all is working.

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