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LS1010 / verify PVC / Cells dropped ?

Hello, how I can verify whether an ATM PVC on an LS1010 "dropped cells". I can do on the controller, but I did not found any possibility to verify it per PVC.

Te command "sh atm vc int atm x/y/z [vpi] [vci] " show me the Tx an Rx Cells, but no dropped cells.




Re: LS1010 / verify PVC / Cells dropped ?

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Re: LS1010 / verify PVC / Cells dropped ?

Hi gmarogi,

thanks for the response, but the "column" detail" is not possible on a LS1010:

LS1010#sh atm vc interface atm 0/0/3 0 99 ?

LS1010#sh atm vc ?

cast-type VC Cast Type

conn-type VC Connection Type

interface Show ATM Connection Commands

signalling Display ATM Interface Signalling information for all interfaces

traffic Display Virtual Channels Cell Traffic

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Re: LS1010 / verify PVC / Cells dropped ?

First, If you do not have the 'detail' option, then you most likely have an old code release.

Your ideal output should look like this:

1010#show atm vc int atm 4/0/0.1 2 100


Threshold Group: 1, Cells queued: 0

Rx cells: 3735, Tx cells: 121573

Tx Clp0:121573, Tx Clp1: 0

Rx Clp0:3735, Rx Clp1: 0

Rx Upc Violations:2735, Rx cell drops:10

Rx pkts:130, Rx pkt drops:5

Since you have an old code release, the best output you are going to get is something like this. I grabbed this from an old 11.2 LS1010. No luck on the dropped cells/packets:

sh atm vc int atm3/1/2 250 250

Interface: ATM3/1/2, Type: oc3suni

VPI = 250 VCI = 250

Status: UP

Time-since-last-status-change: 21w0d

Connection-type: PVC

Cast-type: point-to-point

Packet-discard-option: disabled

Usage-Parameter-Control (UPC): pass

Number of OAM-configured connections: 0

OAM-configuration: disabled

OAM-states: Not-applicable

Cross-connect-interface: ATM1/0/3, Type: oc3suni

Cross-connect-VPI = 250

Cross-connect-VCI = 250

Cross-connect-UPC: pass

Cross-connect OAM-configuration: disabled

Cross-connect OAM-state: Not-applicable

Rx cells: 3943223209, Tx cells: 3880783742

Rx connection-traffic-table-index: 1

Rx service-category: UBR (Unspecified Bit Rate)

Rx pcr-clp01: 7113539

Rx scr-clp01: none

Rx tolerance: 1024 (from default for interface)

Tx connection-traffic-table-index: 1

Tx service-category: UBR (Unspecified Bit Rate)

Tx pcr-clp01: 7113539

Tx scr-clp01: none

Tx tolerance: none

Second, I suggest you start reading Understanding Rejected/Discarded Cell Counters:

Third, The most you're going to get from SNMP is this:

The CISCO-ATM-CONN-MIB provides management information base (MIB) objects to gather per-VC statistics related to cell drops and discarded cells. Some of these objects were described in detail in previous sections.











You can get the MIB here->

You can use SNMP tools to find out your rejected and discarded cells. Specifically, you can use something like Cricket to view the reports of drops via the web such as here->

Fourth, your key phrases to search on Google are 'cell drops' and 'discarded cells'

I would seriously consider upgrading your code release so at least you can have show commands that give you the output you desire, as well as download some MIBS for SNMP.

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