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The mac-address-table on our CAT6506 is currently set to accept dynamic entries...... This is great as it has a log of all the MAC address's that are currently accessing our network.

Is it possible to take this table and change it into a static list? Therefore we can start to add the address's manually giving us greater control over who access's the network

If anyone has any views on this or any other suggestions on how to restict network access that would be appreciated


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Re: Mac-Address-table

The purpose of the MAC address table is to determine where a device is so that the switch can forward frames to the appropriate port. If you statically configure this table, then you will have to change the entries each time a devices is moved or the MAC address changes.

By statically entering address, you would not stop the ability to prevent other address from being learned. In other words, static entries will not allow you to control who access the network. It will let you specify exactly where a particular MAC address is located.

If you're goal is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network you can use port security or IEEE 802.1X port authorization. Check the following links for more details.

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