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MAC Search on a switch

Is there a command on the cisco switches that will allow you to type in and search for a specific MAC address of a PC and it tell you what port that pc is connected to? or even search by IP?

I know on HP Switches it is possible to search for a MAC but not sure about cisco switches.


Re: MAC Search on a switch

The "show cam " command will show you which port a PC is attached to (if locally attached) or what trunk or uplink port it has been learnt through.

Console> (enable) show cam 00-00-81-01-23-45

* = Static Entry. + = Permanent Entry. # = System Entry. R = Router Entry.

X = Port Security Entry

VLAN Dest MAC/Route Des [CoS] Destination Ports or VCs / [Protocol Type]

---- ------------------ ----- -------------------------------------------

1 00-00-81-01-23-45 2/9 [IP]

Re: MAC Search on a switch


it's also possible to use L2trace command on CatOS switches.



New Member

Re: MAC Search on a switch

I have tried using show cam but the switches i have don't seem to recognise the command, what version of IOS do you need??

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Re: MAC Search on a switch

If you are using IOS based Catalysts, "sh mac-address-table | include 1234.5678.90ab" should do the trick.

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Re: MAC Search on a switch

If you have a whole group of IOS based Catalysts (in a cluster) is there any way to search all of them at once for the mac-address in question?

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