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Mainframe connectivity is blocked by ROUTER, HELP!!

I am not a CNA, however an MCSE, with some very basic knowledge of CISCO routers.. We set up a new remote site with that needs connectivity to a mainframe. Other sites can access the mainframe smoothly. THIS NEW SITE will access the mainframe main screen, but when users enter login and password for the session, our 3270 emulator program comes back with "CONNECTION BEING ESTABLISHED"... and just hangs there. Here are the stats: 1. ALL OBVIOUS settings and parameters are there 2. LATEST IOS in router. 3.ATM connection being used. 3. Port23 OK 4. Mainframe guys says he "traces" the splash screen coming back to the router and stopping there. 4. USING EXTRA ATTACHMATE. 5. Other remote sites OK to mainframe and settings are identical. 6. STUMPED, please HELP!!! Has anyone ever seen this??


Re: Mainframe connectivity is blocked by ROUTER, HELP!!

how is this set up dlsw or ip ?

the fact that you get a signon screen implies that the nework can get there.

are the definitions on the mainframe all checked out ?


Re: Mainframe connectivity is blocked by ROUTER, HELP!!

If users are getting a login prompt then they are getting to the mainframe . This is a classic example of the application guys taking the easy way out and crying network. I would have the application guys take a closer look.

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