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Making a 1601 Route everythign to a seperate firewall

I have a 1601 that is being used for internet access. It has the firewall software, and is configured as a NAT with all addresses mapping to the external router interface IP.

My ISP has assigned me a range of IP addresses, which I have not used at all. However, I need to expose web/mail/ftp/dns servers, so I have to set up a DMZ.

I do not feel comfortable configuring the DMZ built in to the cisco firewall software, so I bought a 3com Firewall/DMZ that features a nice http interface that I can comprehend. I will be setting up dynamic NAT on that for the inside users, and static NAT's for the exposed servers.

What I need to do is disable the firewall on the 1601, and set it up to pass everything to the 3Com box. I just want the 1601 to act as a 'T1 to ethernet adaptor'. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do it...Configmaker has proven to be useful only at destroying my working config. Is this progam meant as some kind of cruel joke on the stupid?

Anyhow, I need somebody to help me get this thing set up. Willing to pay by the hour or a set fee for the job. Please email me at, if interested.


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Re: Making a 1601 Route everythign to a seperate firewall


You can post your problem regarding ConfigMaker to . They will ehlp you in resolving the problems faced because of ConfigMaker.

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Re: Making a 1601 Route everythign to a seperate firewall


Set up the router with the standards, IP address, clock rate, routing protocol, etc.....this should allow the router to forward the packets to your interior LAN.....just use three ip address from the range they gave you to configure the two ports on the router and the one connecting port on the 3Com box.

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