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New Member

Management LAN/VLAN change

Hey.. sorry for the probably ridiculous newbie question... but I just went through initial config on a 2950 and chose fa0/1 instead of VLAN1 for the Management LAN.

How can I change it back to VLAN1 without having to reload? Anyone know the commands?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Management LAN/VLAN change

Well, not sure what you can do remotely that would guarantee that you could still get into it. But from a console cable it would be something like:

int fa0/1

no ip address

int vlan 1

ip address

no shut

you should be able to do that without reloading..

I'm betting that if you try and configure vlan1 to be another IP address on the same subnet that it will complain and not let you.

another thing you can try is to create a script, put it on a tftp server and load it into your running config. ie: the script would be the same as the above console commands. Make sure you get it right or it will only do the commands that are valid which could leave you stuck out of the switch. And be sure to do the "no shut" on the vlan 1 interface too!!

Re: Management LAN/VLAN change


I've never tried to use a physical interface (fa 0/1) as a management interface.

I even thought it was not possible.

How does it work? Is it enough to configure an IP address on fa 0/1 on Cat2950? Is an enhanced image required?

To your suggestion how to revert back to using int VLAN1:

It would probably require to use a script file containing the proper commands (BTW, I think ip address (or other mask) would be necessary).

BUT I'd recommend to copy the script file to the switch flash first (copy tftp flash) and issue copy flash run then. If you load it from tftp server to running config directly, you might remove the IP address form the switch by the first command and disconnect the tftp server without adding the IP address to the correct interface!!!



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