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management vlan and data vlan

If I separate the management vlan (VLAN1) and data vlan (e.g. VLAN10),

is it possible to login to the switch from a workstation in VLAN10 ?

How can I do that ?

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Re: management vlan and data vlan

I think it depends on what type of VLANs you have. Cause there is the Switchport mode where the remote access (telnet) is disabled where the IP address also is removed. You can see in the switch documentation about VLANs.

Cisco Employee

Re: management vlan and data vlan

You'll need a router to do Inter-VLAN routing



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Re: management vlan and data vlan

I believe that you are asking the question of "how you use data vlan (i.e routed and for all the ports) and leave the mangement vlan un-routed for cisco mgmt ie cdp, vtp etc " (The reply is based on this assumption)

With an IOS based switch such as a 35xx or the new 29xx :


int vlan 1



int vlan 10

ip address x.x.x.x

no shut


ip default-gateway


On a cat OS switch such as the 6500 :


#ip (where 10 is the vlan number)

set interface sc0 10 x.x.x.x/

set ip route x.x.x.1


We use this type of config on all our layer 3 designs. Hope this helps.

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Re: management vlan and data vlan

Management VLAN stands for the vlan where the management MAC Address will live in.

You know that placing a port into a VLAN groups that specific port with all ports into the same VLAN.

When you specify a mgmt vlan you are specifying the broadcast Domain where your mgmt MAC Address will live in, and as the mgmt IP address is bound to that MAC, you are also placing your IP address into the specified broadcast domain.

So if you want to reach that IP address from a separate broadcast domain (VLAN id), you ´ll have to route. That can be done by Inter Vlan Routing just a PC using two NICs (the last choice is not a recommendation, but just an example).

Hope this helps,


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