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Management VLAN

I am using 6506 as L3 and 2900 and 3500 on L2.

All Intervlan is happening on 6506.

Except this I have 5 Switches which are not connected to L3 they are connected with each other via 100Mbps Cat5e cable configured as trunk ports.

One Port of a switch is connected with the router, the same router has another ethernet port which is connecting to My L2 switch which is connected with L3.I am able to ping the ethernet interface that is connected with L3.

I have configured a Vlan for Management in all 5 Switches but unable to ping each other status of vlan is up.

I want to access all the switches from the ip';s.

For detailed information i have attached the network diagram also


Re: Management VLAN

From the looks of your diagram the 10.10.232 network is your managment vlan , you are going to have to assign a secondary ip to the f0/0 interface that has the ip address in the 10.10.232 subnet and assign that switch port to your to the same vlan as your management vlan.

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Re: Management VLAN

I Missed some component in the network diagram.

Here is the more description of my network.....

I have created virtual interfaces on F0/0 f0/0.1 and f0/0.200 both are representing vlan1 and vlan200 and these both vlan's are not in my network that is connected with L3. This is a separate network which is connected with another location.

F0/1 is configured with IP. To telnet to the router i have two options either go to the pc's of the different network and telent the router or i have added the route for since this subnet is configured in our L3 also and is accessible from any desktop in the network.

VLAN 232 i am using in my entire internetwork for Managing devices and is been configured in L3 also.

Now please suggest what can be the best way to acces these switches since these are not connected with L3 the only way to access is to send the traffic from Router.

Your support will really help me a lot.


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