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Manually initiated route propagation for parallel path multi-source,-dest

I have a situation as follows:

Router_A has 3 LANs directly connected - LAN_A1, LAN_A2, LAN_A3

Router_B has 3 LANs directly connected - LAN_B1, LAN_B2, LAN_B3

traffic between LANs is restricted such that LAN_A1 can only talk to LAN_B1, etc.

Router_A has 3 parallel paths to Router_B

Each path is a satellite link. Each link has a characteristic bandwidth and latency. 2 of the paths use PPP. The remaining path does not use PPP.

An operator at Router_A manually controls (via policy routing) which path traffic from a particular LAN is to take at any given time. I'm trying to find the most staight-forward way to provide notification to Router_B as to which return path to use. All three LANs may use the same path or different paths. Since these routing changes are manually initiated on Router_A, running BGP seems like overkill, but maybe that's the best answer.

What I'm hoping for is the ability to cause a route to be established on Router_B as a result of some action on Router_A.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Bill Carroll


Re: Manually initiated route propagation for parallel path multi

Generally route-maps are used to control packet forwarding decisions and to control which routes can be used by a router based on some condition. But, BGP seems to be the only protocol which has been implemented with the capability to process inbound and outbound routing updates with route-maps. All the IGPs can use route-map only to process routes redistributed from another routing protocol into it. It does not have a way to process inbound or updates through route-maps. With this situation, I think BGP is the only way with which you can easily achieve what you need. Depending on your scenario and protocol you use, you can try to use some kind of metric manipulation using tools like 'off-set list' to see whether you can achieve this using an IGP.


Re: Manually initiated route propagation for parallel path multi

What are your policies that govern traffic routing on different links at different times. What is that you need to automate?


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