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Max data throuput

Could anyone give me advice/recomendation on routers connected via 2meg link, currently have 2501's are they capable of using all that 2meg given an average packet size of 200b, static routes used. Or should they be upgraded?


Re: Max data throuput

The 2501 should be more than enough the way it is to handle an E1 with the average packet size of 200 Byte packet.


Re: Max data throuput

200 byte packets at 2.048 Mbps is about 1250 packets per second (pps). A 2501 is rated at 4400 pps fast switched,so it should be able to handle this loading even if full duplex with packets going both ways. But watch out because the 25xx series does only 800 pps process switched.

Therefore, you must make sure that fast switching (or CEF if available with your IOS image) is being used. Check each interface under "show running" for "no ip route cache" which indicates that process switching is being used (very bad for performance on a 25xx except for dial backup links, where some IOS images require it!) Check the running config and not the startup config, as it is fairly common for "no ip route cache" lines to sneak into the running config, as they are automatically added by many debug commands.

Good luck and have fun!

Vincent C Jones

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Re: Max data throuput

many thanks for help.

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