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Maximam T1 lines in each router

I'm looking for the infomation about how many T1 lines can install to a router, Cisco3662 Cisco7206VXR in real world.

I've already got about maximam numbers of T1 lines that can install to per router from CCO. But I need information about real world.

My user need about 100 of Bch that can be provided by 4 or 5 lines of T1 lines. And he said that he cannot decide until get the information about this.

Isn't there anyone who install more than 5th of T1 lines in Cisco3662 or Cisco7206VXR?

Cisco Employee

Re: Maximam T1 lines in each router

The information that you got from cco about maximam numbers of T1 lines that can install should be the real number..Now 3660 and 7206 are modular chassis. 3660 has six slots but you need to make sure that you have enough resources for other reqired services..Like you can have 6 slots filled with NM-32DM for total 192 modems but that will not help as not trunk lines to receive the calls. So you need to always balance the resources.

With 3662, you can have NM-2CT1-CSU in 2 slots for total 4 T1s and NM-32DM in rest 3 slots for total 96 modems for those 96 b channels. But 7206 can support more then that.

Let us know what information you have received from cco.

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