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Maximum AP352 range?? What is it for Throughput vs Range options?

In the AP352 there are optional settings in the Express Setup Page there are two options in the "Optimize Radio Network for" settings. The first is "Throughput" and the second for "Range".

My questions are: (And please FORGET about RF power vs range issues. I am only asking about maximum range related to timing issues.)

1) If you option for maximum "throughput" versus "range" what is the maximum operating range from AP to Client with each optional setting?

2) Are these same max ranges available from an AP to a repeater AP?

3) How about multiple repeater APs in series? Is the above range maximum between each AP>repeater or is it the TOTAL maximum range.

4) I am guessing that the maximum data rate suffers if you option for maximum range instead of maximum thruput. How does this tradeoff work out?

Thanks for the info.

Joe Mehaffey

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Re: Maximum AP352 range?? What is it for Throughput vs Range opt

The throughput and range selections change the data rate and basic data rate settings. The lower the data rate and basic data rate the larger the cell coverage area. So changing those fields turns off a defaulted data rate.

The Bridge max range is considered to be greater than the AP. The 802.11 spec defines the transmit packet timings for an AP but not for a Bridge. This allows the bridge to have relaxed timings that allow packets to be sent greater distance without RF protocol retries.

The AP or Bridge repeaters limit in a series is 6 units.

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Re: Maximum AP352 range?? What is it for Throughput vs Range opt

Hi Laross,

Thanks for the info. The 6 units in series is new data but of course with 6 in series the data rate at the far end will be about 1/32 of what you started with. Still that is VERY useful data for me to include in my document.

I still need to know how to fill in the maximum theoretical range table below. REMEMBER, I am ONLY interested in the theoretical range maximum based on protocol TIMING ISSUES, NOT on RF/antenna gain/power considerations.



From a variety of commenters, I am getting figures all the way from 1 mile to 10 for APs and from 10 miles to 60 for Bridges. I am sure part of this is speed dependent, BUT.. There MUST be a good HIGHLY TECHNICAL answer to the question that we can "hang our hats on".

MY APPRECIATION to anyone who can fill in the above distance table with accurate and authoritative answers!


for the material I have assembled so far. I am not expert in this area so ALL constructive and corrective commentary will be appreciated!


Joe Mehaffey

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