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Maximum number of VIP2-50's in 7513


We have a 7513 12.0(7)T 32 MB RAM and I'm trying to install a new VIP2-50 (with an E3 PA).

I've successfully installed VIP's in this router over the years with no previous problems. Performing an OIR (slot 9) causes slots 0-4 to 'go offline', the inferfaces are up but don't pass any traffic.

I also tried powering off the router, adding the VIP then powering on the router, this causes it to go into a crash loop. The console reports a software forced reload.

The router has

Slot 0: 8 port serial, 8 port serial

Slot 1: 8 port serial, E3

Slot 2: 8 port serial, E1 (PRI)

Slot 3: 8 port serial, E1 (PRI)

Slot 4: E3 , E3

Slot 5: Fast Eth , Fast Eth

Slot 6: RSP4

Slot 7: RSP4

Slot 8: E1 (PRI) , E3

Slot 9: Spare

Slot 10:Spare

Slot 11:Spare

Slot 12:Spare

The new VIP works fine in a second 7513 we have although it has fewer VIP's installed so I know the new card is ok.

Really what I'd like to know is there a limit on the number of VIP's that can be installed in the 7513, well there must be a limit of some sort but I can't find anything about it on CCO.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Maximum number of VIP2-50's in 7513

I am just wondering if the number of VIPs than can be installed is in anyway related to the backplane speed which poses the limit.

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Re: Maximum number of VIP2-50's in 7513

The problem is now fixed, even though the minimum required memory is 64 Meg regardless of how many cards you have the problem was infact casused by lack of memory!

I upgraded to 128 meg and the card was then sucessfully installed.

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