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Maximum "dialer map" and "ip route" commands

a customer is looking at managing 600 Cisco remote routers via a central site with ISDN PPP sessions (callback).

1. He is asking what is the limit in the number of dialer map commands and IP routes we can configure in our routers? (26/36xx platforms)

2. He needs a ISDN PRI in the central site and is wondering which platform would be appropriate: 2600/3600/ 2 of them?

The central equipment is only dedicated to the Remonte Control function (no other use of Internet Access, no VPN ...)

Thanks for your help

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Re: Maximum "dialer map" and "ip route" commands

1)As long as your NVRAM can hold the long config with dialer maps and ip routes, there is no limit for dialer maps and ip routes..(600 shouldn't be a problem)

2)3600 gives you option of PRI BUT a 3600 alone will not be able to handle 500-600 calls at the same time so the question is How many simultaneous calls you are expecting at the same time out of 600 sites?

Based on that we need to determine the total PRI lines required.

If you are expecting to terminate the more then 200 calls simultaneously, i would go for AS5400. Thx..Tejal


Re: Maximum "dialer map" and "ip route" commands

With 600 dialer maps and routes in there, a config may not look too graceful.

You might want to check out "Large Scale Dialout" feature for that too :


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