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meaning of this command


I do have following the command in my WAN Router. I know the HSRP and using Group1 with Virtual IP as What's the objective of Group2 with Virtual IP configured in same int (fe0/0).

One more query is , When I create a static route, should I point next hop IP as Virtual IP address ( ) or Interface IP (



interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address

no ip redirects

no ip route-cache

no ip mroute-cache

speed 100


standby use-bia

standby 1 ip

standby 1 priority 200

standby 1 preempt

standby 1 track Serial0/0 150

standby 2 ip

standby 2 preempt

standby 2 track Serial0/0 75


Re: meaning of this command

You can have multiple groups on the same interface. The logic would be load balance traffic on the both the routes. Say there are 2 routers A and B which are in HSRP and 2 other routers C and D you can point routes in C to Higher prioirty Grp of A and D to Higher Priority Grp in B effectively load sharing.

And Yes the route should be to the Virtual - ip.

Not sure if there is any other use for Multiple groups

Re: meaning of this command


I dont see any use of this command here on this interface. As already taken in previous post we define multiple HSRP groups in order to load-balance between the routers. You can define only one gateway on the Host PC, though you can add multiple.

Lets say you have as primary gateway on the Host the traffic will always use that group only. Another gateway will not be use to forward the traffic. Moreover say your main FA interface goes down or the link goes down so both the grups will go into down state.. no traffic will pass... and another router will forward the traffic which is using any of these as active gateways but again the second group will not participate in forwarding the traffic.


-amit singh

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