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Media Converter for 3550 w/gig ports

Hey guys,

Got a question. I have a 3550 w/ 10 fiber ports and 2 copper ports. I have to upgrade IOS and am trying to find some type of media converter to fit into the fiber ports and convert it to copper ports. Both of the copper ports on the device are being utilized and I'd like to upgrade the IOS w/o disconnecting the devices attached to them.

I would think there would be some sort of card that I could plug into the slot and convert it to copper and plug my laptop directly into that.




Re: Media Converter for 3550 w/gig ports

Do you mean the 3550-12G? In that case, you are looking for the WS-G5483. This is a GBIC that fits in the switch' slots and delivers 1000BT. They are hot pluggable.



Re: Media Converter for 3550 w/gig ports

I assume from your description of the switch it is a 3550-12G (WS-C2550-12G). This has 10 GBIC-based 1000BaseX ports and 2 10/100/1000 ports. There are 5 different types of GBIC's that can be installed in the 10 GBIC slots:

WS-X3500-XL ---- GigaStack Stacking GBIC

WS-G5484 ---- 1000BaseSX

WS-G5486 ---- 1000BaseLX/LH

WS-G5487 ---- 1000BaseZX

WS-G5483 ---- 1000BaseT

If you want to connect devices using Copper then the 1000BaseT GBIC can be used. This only works at Gigabit Speeds though and can't negotiate down to 10 or 100Mbps (unlike the 1000BaseT SFP GBIC when installed in the 3560 & 3750).



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Re: Media Converter for 3550 w/gig ports

Thanks guys! You answered my question. The NIC in my laptop operates at 10/100/1000, so I should be able to use the WS-G5483 and hook my laptop right to it.... right?

Thanks again!


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Re: Media Converter for 3550 w/gig ports

That's correct

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